Tortoise vs the Hare

I swear, there was a Hare, outside
my back door this am...but my
crazy beagle, Buster...howled and off
he/she went. I ran errands and
returned and found the tortoise
moving quite fast across the yard.

Yes, they do move slow, but they
can haul house and go...i would not
have believed it, if i hadn't seen it.

Are you the tortoise or the hare?
Do you move along quickly, get it done or do you pace yourself...slow and
quick...more like the tortoise?

I am a more slow n' steady then quick and confident..though i have my moments with quick
and about you? I guess most have both qualities...

Now, on to are you an early bird or a night owl....mid day people are called hummingbirds..darting/flitting about. I am the night owl with hummingbird tendencies.

Funny, how the animal us so many characteristic...hungry like a lion,
quiet like a mouse, blind as a bat...etc.

I hope you today are as busy as a bee, but don't have ants in your pants, if you do, don't have
a bird...and go ape!