Green tomato pickles

Tart and sweet made with brown sugar, these are a fav and not commonly know in the south.
I am shocked to see, how many people go "huh?"....okay, but isn't this the land of Fried Green
tomatoes and tomato pudding....i have heard of it, but not tried it...also tomato pie and i'm
not talking is a layered tomatoes, onion and basil, topped with mayo, cheese, and chives.
I have heard of tomato jam, tomato pie... I did taste the tomato jam when i was a kid...thought it was strange...tasted like raspberries looked like tomatoes....odd, but interesting.

Isn't fun to tweak the traditional....add your own twist...experiment on the "norm".

Seems like the culinary shy about using this unique is a recipe, from a
brave Food Network Chef, Paula Deen..i haven't made this one, if you do please leave a comment.