Something Old, something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

My brother and his fiance are getting married next month! I am not able to be part of a bridal shower, so i
decided to send her a little somethings. It is tradition,
for the bride's family to provide the something old, a
family heirloom, usually jewelry. So, i decided to do something Bold, you can use your imagination. Something New, well....something that i thought she might like to wear for her wedding, Something Borrowed, anyone that knows me well, knows i have a secondhand
bookstore in my home; I have lots of new books as, i thought i'd pass something on. Something Blue,
well, they are going on vacation, though i did read, the bride to be should wear something blue when she marries, a ribbon attached to her garter or pinned inside her dress for luck. I don't know if i believe in this folklore, but it is fun to think of items to fact i love
all the unique ways one can give a gift...check out this book, if you need some ideas, it is a great jumping off point to make gift giving fun and not always expensive, gifts from the heart, too.
Click on the author and see her other books there is another one, about making gift giving
memorable. You can also google ideas,
it is best to give gifts that you think the recipient, would enjoy.
Have fun with it...i used doilies and
scarves to wrap up my can use tea towels, newspapers, paint or stamp a design on them. The new thing to do is to reuse your cereal boxes, reverse them, paint and punch holes add your own handles, old cards, anything goes!