Step Inside the Box

Remember that expression, "Think
outside the box"...i think we need to
step inside the box..the big box stores and use ordinary supplies to create
extraordinary crafts. We can also
step into our box of recycled items
and rethink, reuse, reduce...

There is a new magazine out by click to see what is should see a page on the left column, end of page you will see GreenCraft magazine. It is about repurposing what you have. There are t-shirts cut into scraps and knitted into a scarf,
, there is cereal boxes, painted and turned into
gift type bags(boxes) plastic bag aprons, purses,magazines turned into bowls, purses and vases.
Making garlands out of newspapers, coffee filters, plastic bottles are used, dryer sheets, etc.

It is taking the items in your recycle bin and mixing them up with new fresh green ideas.
Amazing how Green, refreshes, the creative juices. Check it can also glance at green
inspiration at your favorite bookstore.


Lady L. said…
yum,yum they are my favorite magazines!!!! It's and addiction. You should check out artful blogging that is good stuff.
Hope all is well.