A Tisket a Tasket

I don't know if it is a certain $ amount or the bulk of items you buy, but today, i was given this basket to take my items home. Most of the time it is a box .....anyway, i was thrilled.

Some staples were bought, peppers and sweet, hot pepper relish and onions, the other items were too gorgeous to pass up.

The peaches were huge.....the blackberries were like jewels. It was
super busy, the melons were the
stars of the show, but they were sitting in the sun..it is 92, here and i didn't want to risk buying a melon precooked...no thanks.

I love cooking and eating seasonal produce, the price is right, the quality is better and let's not forget the taste.

Try to go while the going is good...it won't be long and it will be Fall and
we can enjoy that season's fare.
Pumpkins, squash and apples oh, my!!!