He is praying

I just bought a new hummingbird feeder, it was on sale, end of the season, but special since birds and bees can't
drink out of it. We have had a terrible time this summer with hummingbirds fighting to feed.

Got a great deal, thought there....all is good now. Then
I find a praying mantis on top of it. At first i was intrigued with this unique creation, til my son said, they
eat hummers. No, way...so, while he/she prayed i
tossed it off a magazine. In a few hrs it returned; I tossed it off again. Thought, done...no, today he/she had
returned. This time i moved it, quite a ways, away.
I hope this matter is resolved. Hummingbirds will be leaving soon, usually by month's end they are gone til May. Pray all you want Mantis, but you aren't feeding at this local.


Angelique said…

Your blog looks great!!!!! I love the paper look it makes me want make a journal page with paper like that.Love the vintage.