My brother and his finance are getting married soon.
Guess what day? Sept 9th, 2009, They both have birthdays in this 9th month of the year. Her address has a nine in it and i guess there are more reasons, why this number is special to her.

For me, it is the number 3, things do happen in threes...
at least i have seen it happen. My husband has a connection with 7, every ship he has been on had a 7 in it.
He seem to get his registration and lots of 7's. It is remarkable, how many times this number comes up. I
see a lot of 7's on license plates, 3 of them in a row 777.
My daughter is partial to the number 4 , my son doesn't
have a fav number or food.

I find it fascinating the symbols we chose or what chooses us and what it means. I bet if you look you will see symbols or laws of attraction....Today perhaps think of a number and then tune in to how many times you see it...I bet you will be amazed. I think there is something to that book, "The Secret".