Happy Halloween

It is almost the bewitching hour and then we set our clocks (fall back) huh...never on Halloween...
oh, well, it will be a longer Halloween and who doesn't love that!

We went to Howl O' Scream yesterday at Busch Gardens...Bitten and the Hunted were the best
maze/haunted house wise. The costumes and attention to detail....really good. My daughter had a werewolf following her from behind and a ghost jumped thru the fog infront of her, lots of screams and good fun!

Here are some pictures of my yard and the neighbors..they went all out....fog machines, grave yards...Hope your holiday was wonderful!


Becky Shander said…
I'm still a big chicken when it comes to haunted houses. My vivid imagination always gets the best of me, so I've missed out on all the creepy stuff. Glad to see others having fun though!
Ellie said…
Hi Becky, i am not a huge fan, but my 13 yr old, seemed to be lacking in the spirit of the holiday, so, my husband n' I decided to go.
Time will fly and she won't want to do these things with us, but her friends. We had a great day, nothing too scary, mostly good fun, the first maze was the worst, didn't know what to expect. Then it was actually not so scary and watching others react, added to the mood of the day! Hope your workshop went well!!!
Ellie said…
I meant to say, how is prep going for your big
sale...i am sure it will be a big hit!