Recycled Vintage

These Bingo cards, were my Dads; from the 1940's....i decided to make some unique decorations.

A Severe cold virus has detoured our Halloween decorating, but
we still have some, items to put up and outside.

We are going to try to make a famous scarecrow, the debate still ensues. I want to make Dexter, from Showtime, time will tell.

Well, now to make the house, smell warm n' inviting...i think i
am going to make these, Starbuck's pumpkin scones

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Becky Shander said…
Wow decorating, scarecrow making and pumpkin scones - how awesome! Your embellished bingo cards are really special too, thanks for the peek.
Pixie said…
Hope everyone feels better. Just read your profile! I'm thinking of culinary school too. I'm trying to reinvent myself but no hubby and that I'm 36 and I hate what I do stuff. My only concern is that I couldn't hack it, but it couldn't possibly be like "Hell's Kitchen"? right? lol
Ellie said…
I can relate, Pixie, my son's girlfriend is going now, so i am trying to get the inside scoop. She loves it, she is 18, and very passionate about her food. I just started watching "Cake Boss" on,that, I could handle... "Hell's Kitchen"....yikes, that is scary, Ramsey is over the top. I think you could hack it! I want to take a tour, soon of
CIV(Culinary Institute in VA) they are adding a management/marketing program.
Thanks, everyone is better!
Oh, i do want to add the pumpkin scones came out really delicious, it only makes 6, but worth the effort!