Sweet n' Sinister

I used a photo of Cleo de Merode, and added images behind in a floating frame. It really pops if light is behind it...it really looks spooky, vampire type.

Time to decorate the house for Halloween...love it; i don't
think the kids have my holiday gene...maybe it will grow, but for now...i seem to be the one, who is more excited about ghouls and zombies.

Hope this season, finds you taking the time to enjoy the
changes. I love the mood it evokes, a slower pace, the seasonal fruit/veggies, the leaves change color the cooler mornings n' evenings. Let's not forget the chocolate
and pumpkin treats, this month. Pumpkin bread is baking now....love the way the house, smells.

I signed on for a Halloween swap, Sweet n' Sinister,
Kari from www.artsymama.blogspot.com/ has another
blog called A Year of Color, you can check out her
site..she has some gorgeous photos up.

Enjoy..the pace, before long, we'll all be running around, getting ready for the end of the year holidays! I saw a preview of this, the other day at
Garden Ridge...orange, neon pink and lime Christmas trees....yikes. Orange for Halloween would be fun, but Christmas, now that to me, is scary!