Ebb n' Flow

"November silently sneaks up on us..."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

It seems like we are behind in our Fall, our colors won't peak for a couple more weeks in our area.
I tend to fall back, when this time of year arrives; i like the slower pace before the calendar turns.
It is quiet reflection time, feed your soul! I don't think my soul likes what i have been feeding it lately, ...time to try a new menu plan. My art space is a mess; I lifted too much weight and
hurt my back, i am eating too much Halloween candy, i haven't been taking my morning walks..my moving meditation, that clears my head and allows my creativity to flow.

The rhythm of this month, can lessen one's stress, for the holidays, if one paces oneself.
What feeds my soul? This is what i am going to address each day.
My list, so far contains: my husband, my children, hugs, our beagle, meeting friends for coffee,
art, walks, taking photos, unique touches to the home, the scent of fall, visual stimulation from others blogs and magazines. ETC

What feeds your soul?