What to make on a Windy November Day

Well, it is still nasty out, wind, rain and damp....so, thought i would enjoy some aromatherapy....the house smells heavenly,
like Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. I cheated, i made bread dough in my bread maker...then rolled the dough out and spread
cinnamon,brown sugar and dots of butter on top and then jelly
rolled the dough, tucking the ends under and plopped it into a bread pan, make a thin cream cheese icing and drizzled on the top, once removed from the oven.

Nothing like warm, moist, cinnamon, ooey, gooey, vanilla drizzled bread, to snap you out of a dreary, rainy day. Actually it just made the house, more cozy and more inviting to drape on the couch and watch a movie. Go make some magic cinnamon roll bread...it will invite your family to gather!