The Calmness of the Season

I hope your Christmas was wonderful; ours went well. I especially enjoyed, my daughter's concert, she is in the chorus.

I was fragmented, this year....i had been on pain meds for my back. This year, i found myself, standing in stores, distracted, my meds made me drowsy, it was like i was sleep walking thru it all. I am glad it is, i'm glad i'm done with those meds.

I love the peaceful feeling, this season holds, after all the rush, the blur of colors, events and baking. Time to reflect on what i did and didn't accomplish and what i hope to do in the New Year. I love the stillness that winter brings...the time to craft, share and enjoy that cup of your favorite warmth. The time to hibernate, recharge one's battery, before the next season, unfolds.

One always ask, "What is your favorite season?" a kid, i would always state the obvious, summer. Later in life, Fall(esp. in New England), but now, i think with all the changes that each season brings, it would be the one we are in NOW. Each one arrives with it's own prescription of the 5 senses. Our vision changes as we grow, as do our thoughts of the seasonal changes, but I hope, i can always remember the beauty of each season and reflect on the good memories made and those to come.


KathrynAntyr said…
It is a beautiful time -- the quiet after the buzz. I'm sorry to hear that you've been on medication. I hope you are feeling better now. I have a new True North Arts prompt coming on January first. It is filled with ideas that you can use as you celebrate this year and plan for 2010.
Becky Shander said…
It sounds like your season is here, enjoy it well. Use this down time to do the things that get brushed aside during the busy rushes. I too love the quiet of winter and look forward to settling into its slow rhythm.
Pixie said…
I've always been a fan of fall but since moving north and discovering snow, I'm a fan of winter, until I get tired of the dark dreary days and then crave spring. lol, so yes, I'd say my fav season is the one that's NOW. Thanks for the reminder. Also thanks for the post on my blog...yes! I will create, I will share in 2010, I will NOT be afraid! ...I hope. :)

Have a wonderful New Year's!
Ellie said…
Thanks everyone; Happy New Year! Time for quiet
reflection and thoughts of moving forward~