Finally Together

Mom gave me Santa for my tree, years ago...i can't remember his origin. I would say likely
he was one of the ornaments on my parents tree, when 1st married, back in 1958-59.
I recently was shopping at One Ripe Peach and found Mrs. Santa, similar shape, red flocking...
not sure if made from the same company, but darn close. I was thrilled to finally find Santa's mate, the woman, behind Christmas. I might be biased, but I know in my home, Mrs. Santa
is the force behind the holiday. Santa loves to sit and eat cookies, chuckle and watch sports on
Tv, while surfing the nice n' naughty list on his laptop and ebay of course. He works hard, but
if it was just up to him the holiday wouldn't be the same. I think this is true in most homes;
we as women, are more tuned into what the family needs n' want, the recipes and traditions
of this time of year. I knew this isn't true for everyone, but Christmas is a combo act for most
families so i am proud to finally have the union on my tree. The spirit of giving, sharing, creating and bringing magic to the season. For me the magic is the spirit of kindness and love
that seems to bloom....people seem a little bit more friendly, there are more thank you's and
common courteous then before. There is also the dark side of the season as well...we try every year to do something for someone in need. It might be the angel tree, donations of canned goods,
Toys for Tots or a special unknown gift to someone we know is struggling.

I think the most important gift to give is YOU, your time, your hands, your heart!


Bejeus said…
Very nice blog!
And you expect to visit my blogs.
Becky Shander said…
Yes, you're 100% right about the giving of yourself part. I think that being generous benefits everyone, whichever end you happen to be on.

You must've been thrilled when you came across Mrs. Santa - I'm happy to see your good fortune!
Ellen said…
Love the sweet pic of Mr. and Mrs. darling! I am totally with you on giving of yourself 100%. This year I am trying to make most all of the Christmas gifts I give this year. I LOVE recieving handmade gifts. Ahhhhh....the joys of Christmas!