Love Line

Here are a few peeks of my Linage of Love
garland type cards...i hate to take them off my tree....i need to make more....i made a generic bird one, thought would be cute for a baby shower, i did blue n' pink. The black n' white n' purple is my brother and my new sister in law..they look like the Brady Bunch, he has 2 sons and she has 4 children, the last one, is still a work in progress i just added more to it. I grew up around is a play on words! My Dad and grandfather, owed and Texaco station, you can trust your car to the man who wears the STAR.

Since my Dad was fifteen, he was a projectionist at a local movie theatre (he showed the STARs on the Silver Screen). Actually, my parents met there and fell in love. I later worked there when i was a teen, in the ticket booth. It's funny, that later an elephant would be put on top of the theatre.
My Mom collects elephants....she said, the day they put one on top of the building gave her goosebumps. My parents comedy and
drama plaques are still in the ticket booth. The owner just contacted me, asking if i would like, my Mom will be getting something OLD for Christmas...these were in her home when she was first married. Funny, how doing this garland has brought up soooo many memories
and a piece of my parent's past, will soon return Home!


Becky Shander said…
What a sweet and sentimental story. And your garlands are just as lovely.
Ellie said…
Thank you, still one a work in progress and one
more family member to create for. I am limited to going on Facebook and see what i can find! I love the old photos and the fashion, fun, to go make! I need more supplies, but will make do with what i have.