Love Line...Christmas Card

I saw this was a craft done at the Silver Bella event; I admired from afar, the talented classes and various bloggers art work. This gem was taught by the talented, Pam Garrison, scroll down and you will see Pam's display. This event is put together with heart n' soul by founder, Teresa Mcfayden. She also has ezine workshops to participate online.

So, I have a few special family members, that i don't swap gifts with, but we did send cards and
exchange well wished. I thought it would be fun, to add a little something special to their
card, this year...i did last year as well. This linage of Love is my father's family, the only one remaining is his sister, my Aunt Patty. I hope she will be surprised and enjoy displaying this in her home or tree. Right now, it looks pretty special on my china to make more...
addicting and fun! I already made one for my brother and his new wife and family, but time to make a couple more. I would show you, but she frequents my blog...
I don't know if i will ever get to go to Silver Bella, but one can still attempt to try their style on
the art projects they view and drool over.


Becky Shander said…
Your family will absolutely LOVE these gorgeous and thoughtful cards. Enjoy your creative binge and please post more photos when you're done.

Hope you're feeling better these days.
Lynn Richards said…
Hi! I had to come over to your blog when I read your comment on Feathered Nest!! (your picture for your banner is stunning) I also decided to start an etsy, make gifts and am in the process of getting some nerve up to show my things to a local store or two. AND just did two boutiques. So, fellow blogger, take time for yourself and we will try to remember to have fun in the middle of it all!