Mother Nature's Dazzle

Mother Nature likes to craft, see all of her beautiful handy work. Her frosted glitter, provides me, with memories of my childhood in Maine. I miss home, i think especially during the holidays, it is natural to want to go home,....your heart is their visiting. A scent, a sight or scene can open the door from the past....the smell of pine(candles, i have a fake tree) and the frosty
air with the beautiful designs of nature...take me back to being 10. I had a camera then, nothing special, but it gave me insight to see the distinct beauty in all of nature's wonders. There is beauty everywhere, i think this was when the artistic door was opened; my vision has never been the same. It was the year, I need prescription glasses, which tweaked I how saw things.
This did improve my artistic view and grades. I won 1st place in an art contest in the elementary school, til Billy G showed up and knocked me off my pedestal the following year.

Billy G and I didn't see eye to eye, my Christmas train, was the old fashion one, from days gone by; his was the sleek, faster, newer model. The teacher, proudly hung them both and said
there was room for both, winking, while the boys and girls voiced whose they liked better.

I think it is hard to put oneself out there, it can be cold, when you live around people who aren't
crafty, artistic, who don't understand your need to decorate a room first then clean or you rather
make something, take photos then watch this ball game/race/etc. They try to appreciate your vision, your unique slant to their world...but they just don't get it...until they get their hands and heart involved.

I am soooo thankful for the blogging community; Being a military spouse, i have not had the fortune of being around crafty people. I know there are artist out there, but for some reason, i didn't meet them. I now see so much art n' talent on a daily basis and how artistic types, tend to blur the lines, creativity shows up in many forms. It is like a gift everyday to see/read other's hopes, dreams and struggles. I finally feel like i have found, my people...for a long time, I just knew i was different. I would hear comments, i would never have thought of that.
You have a different thought process....etc. I feel so much joy for the doors that the internet has opened and continues to. Thank you!


Becky Shander said…
Wow, very cool photos! And as always, I enjoyed reading about your past experiences. I can also identify with what you've expressed (the whole feeling different and disconnected thing.) And I agree that it can feel lonesome at times, but thanks to the internet/blogs we're able to develop meaningful connections. Better now than never right?
Ellie said…
Hi Becky,
Thanks; I so agree, it has opened a whole new world! I really enjoy your blog, your art and your input here; It has been fun to see what you are coming up with. I saw a sneak peek of your birds for Somerset Life, so cute, can't wait to read your article.
I look at the Calls n' Challenges on the site and after the holidays, I'm going to get busy.
Ludid said…

i agree that nature gives us so much inspiration. i have made and are making friends online who share the same passion for creating. i look forward to getting to know you through your blog. thank you for visiting my little corner of the world. happy holidays.
stephanie said…
Ellie...Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always so much fun to see that someone has taken the time to leave a comment. Your photos in this post are so pretty.

I agree that I certainly enjoy the relationships that I've established through blogging. It is wonderful to know there are kindred spirts out there...

Also, I loved the previous post showing the sweet gifts that you made for your friends. The cookies are decorated so beautifully!
Pixie said…
I love your blog and this post hits home. I love the blogging community. I'm a secret well all my family and friends know about my obsession with glitter, paper and such and how I love to decorate as well, but I'm afraid to put it out there. To put it on my blog. Afraid that some mean person will tear it apart, so I keep it to myself. Oh to be brave like all the other bloggers and not let fear or worry what others thnk of me or what I do bother me. lol
KathrynAntyr said…
The blogosphere is an amazing place for inspiration and connection. I've found that so many people who are not plugged in can't comprehend what we have and share. We are all so very lucky here.
Ellie said…
Thank you everyone for your input and thoughts;
I can't wait to get to know all of you better. We can share the progression that blogging brings.
It is a journey of the soul, like the a child i lived near the ocean and enjoyed the treasures from the sea. One never knew what they might i have discovered here~