Sorting thru

Trying to sort thru all of the items i have made..who gets what?

Sifting fragments of memories, powdered sugar delights,
fabric scraps and paper, kept me up all night.....

Tis the season for chaos n' disorder... I choose to make a visual home, similar to
, Amy Hanna's, hers are sooo beautiful...i used what i had, i did
make one for a friend with photo sleeves, so she can put her own
family members in the home.

Is this how one begins..inspiration from others and then one
builds..i do have a few items, that are unique, that i have not
shown, is it fear, nerves of rejection that keep me from that post?

Anyway....i think we all are inspired by other's work and then we have to find our unique vision, details that are become our, signature. Till then, i will keep at it and maybe some
my style, my signature.


Becky Shander said…
Ellen, your work is lovely and you should definitely show it...share it. Not only is your work special, but your writing is as well. Please keep it up and let it out.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky,
I have to tie up loose ends today; I had a surprise at 8:30 last night, my hubby rang the doorbell and surprised was a mixed moment of happiness n' shock. I had trashed the house...every room had some form of Christmas
wrappings or an activity going on. My daughter and I had stations set up for wrapping, baking and crafting. We were thrilled he was home, then the shock set in. He is a neat nic; i'm not! Today is tidying, tucking, and trying to make homes for (LOTS of things)left astray.