Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the Land of Cotton

The first time i saw cotton(I'm from Maine living in North Carolina) looked like snow, so i call it
Southern snow....a field of it, is just sooo beautiful.
Up close it looks so much like you can just pick it and use it as cotton balls. The texture is a bit different, but i don't think it is processed very much, cleaned and steamed....maybe. another research project for another day.

I think of this marvel of nature and all it's uses; I can't get that song out of my mind...(In the Land of Cotton, old times there are not forgotten) this should be my mantra for the rest of the year. It is the fabric of our lives(just in case you have that tune in your head).

My Mom called last night and we discussed our favorite Thanksgiving moments. The dancing and the father's family had the music gene, my grandfather played drums was in a famous band back in the 1920's, his Mom and sister both played piano and he guitar. The memories of
those who would only eat pickles and bread. The good times of family and the wonderful magic
of bringing it all together, was my Mom. Mom's side came when they could, they lived out of state, New Hampshire.

The cotton is being harvested now, but i love how it stops and makes me reflect. We can pass the memories on and weave the magic of our ancestry. I think of my children as quilts, some days they look like so n' so and other days, like my husband or me.

So, this year, on Thanksgiving, remember those who are no longer with us and weave wonderful magic, by talking about a quality they shared or passed down.

Friday, November 13, 2009

What to make on a Windy November Day

Well, it is still nasty out, wind, rain and, thought i would enjoy some aromatherapy....the house smells heavenly,
like Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. I cheated, i made bread dough in my bread maker...then rolled the dough out and spread
cinnamon,brown sugar and dots of butter on top and then jelly
rolled the dough, tucking the ends under and plopped it into a bread pan, make a thin cream cheese icing and drizzled on the top, once removed from the oven.

Nothing like warm, moist, cinnamon, ooey, gooey, vanilla drizzled bread, to snap you out of a dreary, rainy day. Actually it just made the house, more cozy and more inviting to drape on the couch and watch a movie. Go make some magic cinnamon roll will invite your family to gather!

November Nor'Easter

I live in NC, about 13 mls from the VA border on the coastline; We were hit pretty hard with this
Nor'Easter, this week. The kids had Veteran's Day off; Thanks to all the service men n' women
and all they do.(I'm married to one, Navy) then 2 days off, due to the storm. Virginia really
was hit hard. My husband drove to Norfolk and was shocked at what he saw. The storm lingered and dumped a lot of rain, 10-12 inches in most areas. We were fortunate, but a lot of people were not. Just 1 1/2 mls from my house, the water was this high. I know my husband dealt with a lot of people at work, that had roofs collapse, car accidents, etc. I am sure there will be some kind of assistant, i will find out and see what i can do.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A gift for a friend

I have an internet friend, who i have not met, we have swapped ideas, recipes, photos , and memories. We met on a forum discussing HER(Healthy Eating Rules) interesting group of women, from all walks of life, from yogi's to phys. engineers.

I wanted to make something unique for my friend and i have been playing with the garland this is how it came out. I'm off to make a few more....
also included a few other items...i won't mention, in case she sees my blog.

It was fun to make an you could change it up in so many ways. Give it a try...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ebb n' Flow

"November silently sneaks up on us..."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

It seems like we are behind in our Fall, our colors won't peak for a couple more weeks in our area.
I tend to fall back, when this time of year arrives; i like the slower pace before the calendar turns.
It is quiet reflection time, feed your soul! I don't think my soul likes what i have been feeding it lately, ...time to try a new menu plan. My art space is a mess; I lifted too much weight and
hurt my back, i am eating too much Halloween candy, i haven't been taking my morning moving meditation, that clears my head and allows my creativity to flow.

The rhythm of this month, can lessen one's stress, for the holidays, if one paces oneself.
What feeds my soul? This is what i am going to address each day.
My list, so far contains: my husband, my children, hugs, our beagle, meeting friends for coffee,
art, walks, taking photos, unique touches to the home, the scent of fall, visual stimulation from others blogs and magazines. ETC

What feeds your soul?