Ancestor Art

These are my paternal grandparents, Winona and Clifford Jackson. I think this was taken back in 1933 ?
I printed their image out on iron on transfer paper. I ironed it on a sheer material and then arranged in an embroidery hoop. I then added another piece of sheer fabric behind it, with various images. Can you see the ferris wheel, the rose, the bird and the house..probably not all. I missed
the sun today, so i took a pic, up close to a light fixture.

They met at a dance; he had a band, he was the drummer.
Their love for music brought them together, they later married and he discovered she played piano. They had
2 children, a boy(my Dad) and a daughter(my Aunt).

They were a unique pair, he was known for his patience and humor; she for her laughter and cooking. They had
good n' bad times, but over all a long marriage.

Their wonderful memories waltz thorough my mind as
time marches on.


Hi Ellie! What a beautiful piece of artwork...I love the transparency of the image! I can see traces of the ferris wheel behind them ~ just gorgeous...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! hugs and love, Dawn
Ellie said…
Thanks Dawn,
I need to finish it up, I think i will add
a number: representing the year they were married and some musical notes and a star. He owned a Texaco station(you can trust your car to the man who wears the star). Thanks Dawn for you kind words and for coming to visit! I enjoy your blog, you are sooo giving!
I love nature and you really bring out a serene comforting style in your work! I love your tutorials, as well!