Diet, Debt and Destruction

So, far the New Year, seems to be following the D the calendar changed to 2010.
We start to focus on losing those holiday pounds. Then the credit card bills, start to arrive.....not to mention, what is going on in our country.
Now, we are dealing with a devastating diaster in Haiti.

I think we should perhaps switch to H, Hope for Haiti, Helping and preserving their History/culture. (even if in art, stories and photos, etc.)

My husband is involved with the Navy for aid and relief; I have read Rebecca Sower's blog for
awhile now. She was just there and has many stories to share and has started an etsy shop
Haiti by Hand.

She can put a personal touch on the people she met and how they touched each other lives.
She is helping them sell art to change their world, prior to the earthquake, but now, it seems even more important. Art hopeful Can Save, some lives.


Rebecca Sower said…
Ellie, Thank you so very much for making people aware of the need for help. I know you are so proud of your, he's going to be a hero to so many hurting people! Blessings to you.
Becky Shander said…
To hear that your husband is helping out personally is very heart warming. Please let me know if you/he needs some support. And Rebecca Sower, what she has been doing is admirable and VERY inspiring.
Ellie said…
They had orders to leave and now are on stand by for an emergency repair; he was ready to go. They still could go, it is just, a matter of how long the repairs will take, then they will be underway.

You can see locally the involvement of the Navy. I live 1 hr from
Norfolk, VA.

A lot of the Navy is headed that way; it is just a matter of time.

Thank you for your comments, last night was pending and then officially today, they were set to the yards for repairs.

I do know people that are headed there and 4 sailors effected on my husband's ship, they have family in Haiti. Their ship is doing
a fundraiser; I'm waiting for more info!

Thanks, my husband will still be involved, just now, from a different angle til orders change.