Today, we honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. I wonder how he would feel if he were alive today?
I have read a few articles, all seem to trend in this direction, there is always room for

I agree, there is....

I discovered a book this morning,watching THE TODAY show. InterSati Method, is an exercise book,
, that uses affirmations, that help you, mentally and physically,by building a momentum of good thoughts while exercising.

Inter means intention; Sati is a Sankrit word that means mindfulness.

It is about combining the best of both worlds and
how our thoughts affect our outcome.

"Feel the dream growing, the vision getting bigger,
the inspiration in you growing momentum". ~Patricia Moreno~

I somehow think the principles in this book, could be applied to many facets of life. You start out doing
a vision board, even though this is an exercise book, it also is about dealing with negative thoughts.

The author shares her struggles and how finally, blending these 2 worlds, affirmations with exercise, she didn't regain her weight. Isn't this true for a lot of bad habits, when we change and find healthy ways to deal, we quit smoking, emotional eating, and other addictions. She states it changes brain chemistry. We do think different when we don't listen to our negative thoughts or when we listen more to our positive ones.

So, what is your dream....somehow, no matter whatever it is, it will take hard work and some form of positive feedback, some type of re enforcement, to fuel your fire, your passion to continue. If Martin Luther King, Jr. could see a glimpse of today, I think his passion would be
reignited and more sparks(speeches) would be given.


Becky Shander said…
Yes, being aware of our thoughts allows us to choose the ones to focus on (hopefully the positive ones.) Maintaining good thoughts brings on good energy and it's all related, just as you've expressed.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky for stopping by..now, i need to get
back to my artistic ventures...i deviated.
I think Alaska tripped me up, a bit; I had a
life changing event happen there.

I will share later~