Flea Market Finds

On Fridays, I frequent my local Flea Market, I should call it Flea Market Fridays...there aren't too many times, when I'm out n' about, that I don't stop by.

Sometimes I score big, other times...nada. It is neat in the front,
arranged in order, art work off to the right and home decor items to the left. Then it feels like your aunt's or grandmother's
attic, as you reach the middle of the shop, piles of baby blankets , sheer curtains and books, etc.

The owner, has a row of antique dishes, some depression ware, some of the prices are outrageous, then there are item that reasonable. Sometimes, she will, just give me this or that. I love to browse, the sewing section, the odds n' ends of fabric, tins with buttons, you can browse and pick out just a few, and old seam
binding. Then there is the linen section; I found this old table cloth and embroidery pieces.

It is a hit or miss and her inventory is always changing and it feel good to buy local and support your town, put money in your own back yard.

I have gone to the closest city and scored on other unique items, but for a real vintage feel, this is the store to stop by. Check out your back yard and see what you uncover; You never know what treasures you may find. ( I took awhile to go in, thought it looked like a junk shop, so don't let the view, fool you)


Anonymous said…
Oh what fun! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, let me know and I'd be happy to bring you by my favorite local shop.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky,
How fun that would be, i love to browse those
unique shops, were one never knows what they may find. If i am up your way, I'll let you know, thanks for the offer!