Flea Market Friday

In the mail was my new issue of the Pottery Barn. Wow, so spring like, lots of bright colors, birds and egg motifs on everything, pillows, plates, wall hangings, etc.

I love this fresh spring look of coloring you nest. So, when i went to the flea
market, i was on the look out for bird items. I feel fortunate the issue landed in my hands, when it did. The store was busy today, as I moved around the maze, I found this pillow case and
bird candle, threw the candle part away...small bucket shaped. I found another use for it.
It brightens my mood to see a glimpse of spring, even if in a catalog. It give you the promise of brighter days when spring starts to unfurl.

Don't you just wish you could jump into the rooms on the page, for a bit, that is how, soothing they are, clean lines, well organized and blotches of color, like a
well kept garden.

Winter will linger here for awhile, as we
shed out warmer gear. We will molt like the birds do, then reveal our plumage. We will proudly, see spring fashions, strutting down the runway or catalogs
filled with new ways to preen.

You know that expression " for the birds"...well, I think the definition needs to be changed. I would love some of my decor to be "for the birds".


Pixie said…
I wish there were good thrift stores around here, the ones in NYC are so expensive! Love the pillow case.
Ellie said…
Hi Pixie,

Thanks, it took me a while to go in this shop; i drove by it for awhile, looked like a junk shop. Then one day, I was like "Why not?"...
It is hit or miss...but i have found some neat stuff. She use to sell antiques/furniture and has a floral shop, next door.

Keep trying, look in the newspapers for Estate sales and thrift shops and then when summer comes hit those yard sales...You never know what you may find!
Jennifer said…
I love this post because I collect eggs, nessts and love birds! So glad you stopped by.... I have my own card business and I just made a set of cards for a friend with designs especially for her - she lives in a town in Texas with 20 deployed Marines so I made them with humor, love and the Marine corps slogans and symbols for families to send. I haven't seen any military cards and I made them for my son when he was deployed. :) Hugs, Jennifer....and thank you