Flea Market Friday

Well, I am a day, late, but I did go to the Flea Market Store yesterday; I will take a pic of it, next week, so you can see the outside.

I found this rattan type suitcase, which i am thrilled will.
It will great to pack creative supplies to take with me.

This fabric was so different; I am sure some of the fabric is old, especially the rose printed one it has polka dots on it and the roses are flocked. This book is amazing with lots of birds and floral pics...love it!

The shop was a maze inside this time, but i was satisfied with my treasure hunt.

It is a place, when you stop to browse, you want to be alone, to let the ideas flow and not to be interrupted in your creative mindset. I have tried to take people with me, but it is a solo act, for me. Once in awhile i can take an artsy friend, but sometimes, even she willquestion...whatcha buying that for.

Sometimes i don't know, just there is a pull towards an item, that I know I will find a use for later. It is an intuitive shopping trip, i wonder is it like this for
most people that craft?! It is like a mind melding journey into my rt brain vs left brain reality.

I love looking at older items and wonder where they have been, how used, celebrations, etc.
What is their story? I love that today, we can take what is old and make it new again in a unique way...re using fragments from the past to make something special with a history.
Recycling at it's finest~


stephanie said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting! I agree with you when you talk about an item just pulling you towards it even though you don't KNOW what exactly you are going to create with it. When people ask me about my style/what I am drawn towards I say that unless something looks like it has a story behind I don't want it in my home....It's nice to read that someone feels similiar!
Ellie said…
Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for coming to visit...I am struggling a bit, right now, with home improvement projects to get much done. Seems like i've had to put some of MY projects on the back burner. I'm trying to rekindle the flame i had for certain stuff. I can't explain to people the WHY of something; i usually am happy that i bought it, though it might take me awhile to find the right spot or figure out it's use. Happy you stopped by...I am trying to turn my blog back over to being artistic.