Frida Friday

I find Frida Kahlo's work unique; I can relate to her. It
was 5 yrs ago, when I fell on my deck; It was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had been in a car accident years ago and the wear n' tear of life contributed to my
back pain. I went to a chiropractor, my neck was jutted out. I had to wear a sling like Frida. I looked like I was hanging myself. I had sciatica down both of my legs. I had to quit my job, as a fitness trainer.

Later that year, I went to a neurosurgeon and had surgery.
I am lucky; I could have surgery!

I thought it would be fun today, to honor Frida since she has been on my mind lately and the Flea Market is closed today. A huge winter storm from the south is headed our way. I haven't got Frida quite right, her lips are too big, etc. One picture of her, reminded me of a rose, the way her hair is wound, and flowers or nature injected. I bet if
Frida was alive today, she would be pain free. Her only pain would be heartache over Diego.
I always pause when I type the word heart; heART is in it. Didn't she put her heart into her work?! She used her will to survive her limitations and be successful. If we follow our heart and do what we love, whether it is art, sports, cooking, etc. Even, if we aren't famous, doesn't the art of doing what we love make enduring the thorns, just a bit easier, no matter what they may be.

Painting completed my life.
Frida Kahlo