Hang in there...

People tell me I have OCD. This means they have been in my craft space.
OCD for me means=Obsessive Craft Disorder. I need to tidy my nest; it has been too cold to be
in my space. I have taken over the kitchen table; I need to be able to get back to my hide away and re organize, reshuffle. I tend to like to spread out. I get all these ideas and
like to set them up, til i can get back to them. It has been a busy week and I thought I'd find time. It did warm up yesterday to 60; today 33. I need 3 days of 50 degrees or above to
be able to endure my FROG. (Furnished Room Over Garage).

I know I need to hang in there, til the conditions are right, , temperature and no appointments.

OCD is no joke; It can take over your life... and it can cause you to do errands with splattered paint on your hands and be oblivious to it. It can make you shock the neighbors when they stop by and you are covered in fibers and have fragments in your hair. It can make people have trouble finding you, when you go through your fabric stash.

Some people call it Obsessive Creative Disorder...okay, either way, just tell me where is the support group? Okay, maybe I should start one.....


Becky Shander said…
Before I set up my studio I used to work in the kitchen/eating area too. And now, eventhough I have my own studio to work in, I still like to regularly make things in the kitchen so I can be close to my family. Having them nearby while I work has its benefits. I'm always asking them for their opinion on my pieces and Brook always has the best suggestions.
Ellie said…
My daughter usually is a great critic. They are of the age, that says it like it is. I still can go to the store and bring home something she likes to wear. I'm sure those days are numbered.

It is cozy to be the hub of it all; you can be involved, yet do your own thing.