Heart Arrival

A piece of my heart arrived safe n' sound, there was a glitch in Chicago, due to a delay from
Kodiak Island. The commuter airline would not fly, due to high winds...so additional $ was needed to get the ticket active again, from that point on..different airline. ( a 1 day delay)
My son n' friends took care of this online, prior, but the email hadn't come back with a conf #, so i was worried.

He had a wonderful trip, brought home a few gifts, handmade from the natives on the island. (yes, this dream catcher, was one of them) When we were on Adak, there wasn't any natives....Kodiak, is sooo much more civilized. They have a Wal-Mart, I am stunned.

Memories of what we endured as a newly married couple on Adak, an island in the Aleutian chin, off the Alaskan coastline(about 1,500 mls from the mainland).

When i arrived in Adak, it was like being on Junk Yard Wars(tv show), all the vehicles were rough looking, bits and pieces.
There was only 5mls of tarred road, on the island, a pet cementary, which i had just finished reading that, Stephen King novel -...spooky, the National Forest had 24 tiny pine trees...maybe 3ft tall. We had at least sixteen, earth tremors a day,we had to evacuate to Bering Hill, if a tsunami was spotted.
There was a gossip rock, people would spray paint this huge rock on the main road, like Happy Birthday, Congrats; Sometimes the messages weren't so positive..i saw so n' so with so n' so.

It was a crazy place, we were closer to Russia then the U.S. One Navy wife, would call home and tell people, what planes she saw. She was warned to keep quiet...one day, the military police came to her door, told her to pack and she was put on a plane, homeward bound. You had to have a clearance to be there, even all the spouses and other civilians that lived there, had to be
investigated(background check).

Fond memories of a place that is like no other in the world~ or at least not like any in the Lower 48.


itsaheartthang said…
Thank you so much for stopping by thegraphicaddict! I blogged about digital whisper today and you should sign up. It's free and there are so many wonderful people that encourage your art. There are great tutorials, as well, for computer and art by hand! I think you need to do something - I can "hear" it in your comment to me ;) I get depressed if I am not creating! I have taken much comfort from the other artists online. By the way, I love your name as it is the same as my favorite artist and chef, my grandmother (she passed away 2 years ago) Cooking? Yum, a delicious way to express yourself!!! Keep me posted on what you do! :)
Ellie said…
Thanks Kerry, for stopping by; your words echoed
my thoughts....I will stop by again!

I loved that you shared about your grandmother; funny, my grandmother was a great cook and one of my biggest fans, via my painting. She ordered a painting from me, i was 13, and paid me. She
said, now you are an artist, you were paid!
I know our memories keep these amazing women, alive and perhaps we have some of their skills.
Becky Shander said…
Your time in Alaska sounds very interesting and full of unique experiences. And Navy life...well, I don't have a clue about what goes on in this area. Thanks for sharing a glimpse.