Play One's Ace

"......just because we've been ..dealt a certain doesn't mean that we can't choose to rise above-to conquer the boundaries of destiny that none of us
wanted~Edward to Bella (TWILIGHT)
author ~Stephenie Meyer

I was making this valentine, thinking about the book series, and found this quote. I thought, how it fit in with
cards. The deck of 52, 4 suits and playing the hand we are dealt.
Then I thought about the colors, red, black and white. How they symbolize life/passion, evil/unknown, and good/purity.
I thought more and more of the Twilight series. Good vs. evil and the colors reflective of the vampire folklore. How pale white vampires are, how darkness and danger is appealing and how red is symbolic of life and in a vampire's world death or the afterlife. How vampire stories/books and movies...blur the lines and combine all 3 symbolic colors...colors of the deck of cards.

You can tell your fortune from a regular deck, spades mean the unknown, crossing boundaries,
a shift and anger. Clubs refer to achievement and recognition; Diamonds reflect material concerns, land, and money.
Hearts are the favorite, they equal emotion, passion and creativity. Then there is the odd facts,
there are 52 cards=52 weeks in a year, 4 suits=4 seasons, 13 cards in each suit=the lunar cycles, etc.

I thought it was interesting to tie cards into the Twilight series. We do have unforseen circumstances that sometimes redirects our path in life. We have to fold our cards and get dealt a new hand, hold them or fold them, either much as fate does intervenes.
We hold the cards to our dreams.....the trick is even if you stop playing for awhile, that you don't fold.

Stephenie's quote to rise above-to conquer the boundaries of destiny, sure sounds like breaking
out of your mold and unearthing who you really are. It is about trying to find your soul's plan; what your talents are and how to succeed with the hand you were dealt. Sometimes we have to adjust our strategy, up the ante, stack the deck, use our poker face and use that ace up our sleeve, remember it's in the cards(your hands).
Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.”~Jawaharlal Nehru quotes (Indian Prime Minister. 1889-1964)


Rebecca said…
What a great idea! I love the card facts as well. I just finally saw the Twlight movie. I LOVED it. I had no desire to see it until I saw the interview with Stephenie on Oprah (which I rarely watch). I think her life story is so fascinating about how she came to do the book. Of course, halfway through my husband is laughing and says, "Gee, maybe after the movie we could get a milkshake go do our Algebra together." He just didn't get it.
Ellie said…
I know we should really listen to our dreams.
I mean, I was glancing through this book, the other day; it talked about even if you can't
have the big dream. You can work on facets of it. For example, You could work in a tea shop or for me, decorate windows again. It was about getting your foot in the door of your dream.

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