The Key of C

I found this article today, going thru a folder of things i had typed up, The C's of Fitness. I don't know who the author is....but it can apply to all different aspects of one's life, not just getting fit.

The C's are:

COMMUNITY. ( I will share a tidbit of each)

CHANGE-examine what hasn't worked, a new start, begin again

COURAGE-move beyond your fears, do you want to stay where you are?

CHALLENGE-moving out of your comfort zone, push yourself in new ways.

CHOICES-Your choice, you choose daily to try or not to begin or not, to move forward or not.

COPING-Change can add stress, find new ways to cope, perhaps write out your emotions, make new habits. You know what hasn't worked in the past...

CONSISTENCY-this will build confidence, stick with it, You are in control

CREATIVITY-Creating is a gift, it allows you to feel joy, find bliss, a new way to express yourself

CRAVINGS-(remember this applies to fitness) listen to them, being aware, if you do give in, move on, forgive and remember no one is perfect. I think of times when i crave being alone, a
walk, a thrift shop outing.

COMMUNITY-find people like you, exchanging ideas and info, helps you grow, builds self confidence.

I thought it was interesting how these words, can apply to all things we are attempting, trying,

I think of music, the terms major and minor apply, it is one of the most commonly used notes ,
it is often thought of as the most simple, it lacks sharps and flats. The C major scale lacks black keys, which doesn't fit the natural positions of the fingers. (COMFORT is lacking; but we CHART a new path, we do go out of our comfort zone)

This key can be described as happy or a note that is dull. There is so much variation with this note, but one thing for sure, music theory begins with this note. When someone asks what key
you want to start a song is the root note, they are asking. When playing scales the key thing to remember is to be able to turn the pattern into music. It takes time and practice, lots of practice and remember there are many other notes, besides C.

I find this Fitness article, so much more, then guidelines for getting in shape, physcially, but mentally i need to practice my crafts, so my heartstrings can sing.
(as many musicians know, it is what our heart desires/craves for us to do, then we need to as least attempt to play). If we don't like this one, there is always another one to try.....


Becky Shander said…
There's so much depth to this post - thanks so much for sharing all of these thoughts and ideas. I'll definitely drop by again to re-read this post since there's so much good material to digest.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky, it was odd, to find it and then
think of C as the key to succeeding in so many
ways. I would give credit due to who wrote it, if and when I find out.

The author just wrote out the C's to use in regards to getting in shape; i mixed in the musical element( I play guitar; not piano), but I thought this would strike a chord with any one who has played music or loves it.