A Piece of My Heart is Flying Home

My son, a 21 yr old, college student, was given an e-ticket for Christmas, from his friends on
Kodiak Island, Alaska. I was thrilled,(and nervous) for him, I have lived on Adak and in Anchorage. It is
a unique place to visit and/or live. You either love it or hate it...there is no, in between. I lived there a total of 4 yrs and never met anyone who was on the fence. It is an experience of a life time.

Alaska is beautiful, bold and can be brutal. You have to be respectful of it's climate, people and let's not forget the bears.

My first year living there, we had 101 inches of snow. My second year we had a volcano, Mt. Spurr drop ash on us. We could not go outside for 3 days.
The ash blew around for months, since Anchorage is bowl shaped with mountains surrounding it.

My son said, he had a wonderful time and is headed home now..he called, he is now in Seattle, funny it is colder here in NC then in WA?! I am on stand by to call him and make sure he boards his next flight..I know, he is grown up. I think of Alaska like being a parent..lots of uncharted territory and lots of wilderness, things can happen. No one, prepares you for what
your journey with your child will be like or how your heart strings will be constantly yanked and tugged or how much joy you will discover and how much your child will teach you! So, as a piece of my heart returns home; I will be grateful and try to prepare for all the uncharted journeys ahead. We are all like explorers with our children, there is treasure to be unearthed and many discoveries ahead.

Their journeys define who they are, but also shape us~


Flor Larios Art said…
Beautiful photos! Your son is going to have a great time...do not worry.
Thank you for your visit to my blog.
Ellie said…
Hi Flor,

He is on his way home now...I will be relieved, when I see his big smile, again! Thank you!