A song of praise

I found this quote yesterday and thought it truly described, what i felt when i received this wonderful gift in the mail, recently. "A friend is one who can touch your heart from across the world or across the room"~ Anonymous~

I have admired Becky's work, since I bought the 1st issue of Somerset Apprentice.
I have seen more and more of her work, since. I decided to see if she had a blog and peer into her creative world. I love the simple graceful style she adds to her work. It has a soft, comfort quality, with elements of surprise. She used soft cotton batting with a touch of sparkly tulle, tea/coffee dyed dryer sheets..add a worn, warm element to this unique little book.

Becky shares words of wisdom on her blog, one is about "Sit Still", i think of her crafting, gathering her tools to
weave a nest of artistry. When she is done, her work sings, it makes you smile.

I can't thank Becky enough for her unique gift...I will treasure it and as I wear the Believe necklace, I know, that the word, she chose for me, is to coax me to test my wings, and fly.

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except
those that sang best"~Henry Van Dyke

I guess, I need to go practice that tune in my head.

Thanks Becky, I love it!


Becky Shander said…
Ellen, what sweet words you've expressed - thank you for the wonderful compliments. And the quote that you chose from Henry Van Dyke...LOVE IT!

I hope that you'll continue to sing your tune, and sing it out LOUD, sing it proud.
Ellie said…
Thank you Becky! I have sung before, but you are
right, Loud n' proud and perhaps in tune!