Soy Soap Box

I love soy, i do, but i think we as a country, our government standards, via FDA, are going to far.

Why, you ask....well, i think the key is everything in moderation.

I also know for a fact, that this product is not good for everyone. I am one in fact that discovered this a year ago. Yes, i still can have small amounts in moderation, yes....but one may be surprised how much of this product is in your diet.

A year ago, my cholesterol was up a bit, not a high # 180's but the LDL was up. I asked my Dr, could i eat a vegan diet...i asked, because i have thyroid disease, autoimmune. (Hashimotos' thyroiditis)
It appeared after my last child was born, it took 3 yrs to get diagnosed(there are 11 million women, perhaps more, running around, exhausted, and don't realize it is their thyroid not working right).
Dr's do not commonly order this blood test, common symptoms are depression, weight gain or
weight loss depending which type you have, brain fog...there are lots more. Here you can take a little quiz to see if maybe you need to be screened further. You need a TSH test(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) 0.5-3.0 is the range, but not all doctors, prescribe to the new numbers. I was 6.9 when diagnosed and the old chart is 0.5-5.0. I feel best at 1.2 and then can lose weight and feel like myself. How do i know this, because when i felt my best, i went to the Dr and found out what my # was.

Okay, back to DR and vegan, i ask, she says, it would be fine, as long as i don't eat
soy in the morning, when i take my thyroid meds. Fine, i go shopping get all kinds of products,
well, at first great, lighter food, not heavy...i feel good. Then I notice, my heart is racing a lot and
my face is swelling and i am anxious and hot, like my thyroid is hyper. I ended up in the ER
and everyone thinks i am hyperthyroid, can't sit still, motor mouth, etc. I wasn't, my level was in the normal range; it was the soy, it aggravated my thyroid.

I read a lot of food labels, these days, but you think you have seen it all, but one needs to keep checking their food, IMHO. I found soy in my tuna, my peanut butter, , ice cream, candy, crackers, most baked goods, that i picked up, cereals, chips, salad dressing,etc. It is in our clothing as dyes, candles, make up, facial products...more n' more every day. I am shocked, how i thought i was avoiding soy and yet it is in almost everything i bring home. Let's not forget when you eat out, how you really don't have a clue what you are ingesting!

Then there is another point, it has estrogen in it....okay,a plant based diet is healthy, but be cautious, if you have thyroid disease in your family, eating too much can throw your thyroid a
curve ball. Then what about young boys, that ingest this product for years...research shows links to cancer what i mention is in paragraph, "Early puberty".

Let us not forget how lawyers wrote the food pyramid, not Nutritionist/or Registered Dieticians
back in 1986. We know how that all played out....Type 2 diabetes.