Transition, Time and Transform.....

I think of today as a transition day, a day to sift thru one's thoughts of reflection and how one wants to move forward.

My husband wanted to detox today, i said, "Go ahead, not me..I'm in transition"....I am not going to start anything sudden or rash today, so by Valentine's Day, I will notice my motivation

I think of the tortoise n' the hare, when i think of changing one's ways. The slow, steady progression tends to build vs. the fast
let's do it, let's go, too much to soon method.

I then grabbed my 2 favorite daybooks to see what the lst day of the NEW YEAR suggests:

In my SARK daybook, Procrastination is the focus, she mentions
how perfectionists are too hard on themselves and rehearse more than most the ideal in their mind and then do nothing.
This revelation does ring a bell in some facets of my life.... She states one needs to be tender with themselves. She goes on about living in the middle, don't over or under shoot.

My 2nd favorite daybook(I only have 2) is SIMPLE ABUNDANCE the author Sarah Ban Breathnach, mentions Fresh Starts, a new chapter in life, new questions to be asked. She talks about carving out a quiet interlude for yourself, with pen in hand. Instead of writing resolutions she proposes you write your aspirations, the longings you have tucked, hidden away.

They both mention, being gentle and to pace one's self, instead of the rabbit rush in style.
They both prescribe to the thought of "Believe in Yourself".

I believe this is a great way to transform, by taking the time to transition oneself, one's thoughts, one's dreams.


Becky Shander said…
To get things jump-started I'll often do something impulsive and unexpected. It doesn't have to be a big thing exactly, just going a bit outside of the comfort zone can work wonders for building self-confidence. Plus it makes life more fun and interesting.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky, it does sound fun to shake things up a bit, try something new or do the unexpected. I will give it a go....