Under a Blanket of White

Yesterday when I was out n' about, I ran into a few old timers, who said, a storm from the south, means lots of snow. Their sage wisdom did not disappoint-it started around 11pm last night and it is coming down heavy now. It was all snow, til now, it is sleeting. The neighborhood kids are gathering to have a snowball fight and make a huge snowman. It is strange being from New England and seeing the panic and slowed pace. All you see outside are footprints, no one has moved their vehicle. The local news keeps repeating, "Stay home, if you don't need to go anywhere". When I first moved here, I didn't think anything of it. I can drive in this, I'm from Maine, I lived in Alaska for 4 yrs.
In Alaska, they didn't ice the military base driving was like playing a Nintendo game. We lived in an ice bowl for months.
When it snows in the south, the world almost stops. They aren't equipped to handle it. I now, know better, there are a lot of people who don't know how to drive in it. I stay home, instead of being the rebel.
I am being reminded, I need to come through on my promise to bake cookies. I just need to finish up a couple of projects. Now, the only problem is...they can't make up their mind, which kind, it is narrowed down to molasses, filled cookies or peanut butter. These cookies take work, the traditional chocolate chip, is made the most. I know, I better get busy, the cookie monsters are getting ansy.

Here is what I have been working on, since I came inside, from getting all wet. Hope your weekend is safe n' warm!


Pixie said…
I grew up in the deeeep south...lol and we maybe had snow twice my entire 20-something odd years down there. however, we did have ice storms every few years that would take out the power lines and tree limbs...I was not one to drive on ice..didn't like it then and don't like it now. Good thing I don't own a car and don't need to drive around here!

Hope you're enjoying the snow...and sleet...from inside!
Ellie said…
We just went out in it; It is really bad!
The main roads are not plowed.
We slid around in a 4 wheel drive truck. We
saw only 5 vehicles in a 40min drive. I have
driven on roads not plowed, but nothing like this. I doubt there will be school tomorrow. We are suppose to reach temps of 34 today and then drop back down into the 20's. It will be
a skating rink tomorrow morning. You are smart pixie!