White out

I called home(Maine) they are getting hit pretty hard...lots of snow.
I want a storm, a blanket of white, the comfort of curling up inside and justifying cocoa and crafting.
I know I don't need to justify it, but I do love the peaceful, calm look of the fluffy white flakes
dancing in the wind. It brings back wonderful memories of all things snow, sledding, making a snowman/snowwoman and making homemade vanilla ice cream..(we used snow instead of crushed ice).

Instead, I guess I will sort thru white items and make a grouping...sometimes this will satisfy, or
go browse my photo albums of Maine and Alaska.

I guess I can pretend it is a snow day and do what I want, but it just isn't the same. We have a
tradition when it snows, we make homemade molasses cookies the size of elephant ears or ginger snaps. It is a team effort, everyone has to be involved you can mix, shape or bake them.

I will be patient and hold out for Mother Nature's glistening white blanket and the aroma of
ginger in my house. I will share the recipe, soon...

for more view of snowflakes ; credit due to photographer, Patricia Rasmussen


Becky Shander said…
Your snowed-in traditions sound really wonderful. And I'd bake the cookies now anyway. If it snows later, skip baking the cookies and make the ice cream instead since this requires the real stuff.
Ellie said…
Hi Becky,

My father one year, bought an ice cream machine for Christmas. Our new tradition was to make ice cream, when it snowed, during our holiday break. I think I was eleven at the time.
We always hoped it would snow for Christmas and then after we had our tree, we
could make ice cream for dessert. I have lived a lot in Florida and in Hawaii....snow cones/shaved ice are huge there. My children
perfered snow cones. We went to a lady that
was very creative and had a weekly contest. She made a specialty each week. She was like everyone's Aunt and would sit and chat with you and ask you for ideas for flavors. Her biggest seller was the Titanic,
3 type of blue flavors: blueberry, blue vanilla and blue raspberry with sweetened condensed milk for the ice bergs with whipped cream.
If you helped her design a new flavor/signature dessert, she would give you a free one, when you stopped by for your weekly visit. I won one week, Key lime pie. This was when the huge molasses cookies became our
sweet project when it snowed. It did snow in Pensacola, FL that winter and we made cookies. Memories seem attached to food; When it snows, i smell ginger and molasses.