It is a Wonder

Funny, lately everything is coming up rabbits. I signed up to do Karla Nathan's Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap. My morning pages a few days ago, I wrote , I need to pull a rabbit out of a hat, so my family, gets that I am not wasting my time. Then I randomly picked up a book, just now " The Jane Austen Book Club" by Karen Joy Fowler, and opened it and this is what it said, p. 50-51, "I suppose," Allegra conceded, "if the writer's not allowed to pull an occasional
rabbit out of a hat, there would be no fun in writing a book at all." Then I tried again, "art cannot be enjoyed unless it is approached with love." Third times a charm right, here i go: "Things worked best if you didn't think about them. Just Jump" (into the rabbit hole, maybe, I do tend to hesitate, sometimes)

I first started opening books at random when I saw this movie, you are gonna love this title,
Next Stop Wonderland.

The main character opened books at random, looking for signs. Meanwhile
what was meant to be, was right in front of her. I don't think her name was Alice, no it was Erin.
She was lost and confused, though, a lot like Alice.

My daughter is reading the book, "Speak", she doesn't know anything other than the swap, I mentioned. She hollers at me to come here, on p. 144, it says "My house is shrinking and I feel like Alice in Wonderland"......"If Alice in Wonderland were written today, I bet she'd have a super sized order of fries that said, "Eat me", instead of a small cake.
I told her about this post and she agreed, I need to start making the strange is that!

Wish I could offer you a spot of tea, but I'm late....


Ellie said…
Hi Stephanie,
I guess, so; a lot of signs to go in that direction! Thanks for stopping by!
Jenny Lee said…
I love it when seemingly random coincidences happen, it's like magic! Have fun creating Ellie! Hugs to you♥

tami said…
Synchronicity - a beautiful thing. I love it when it happens.
Becky Shander said…
Here's another coincidence for you. The next issue of Somerset Studio (March/April) will have a lot of references to Alice in Wonderland, rabbit stamp, dreams, etc.
Ellie said…
Hi Becky,
Wow, another one... I am so tuned into any signs.
My husband said, he saw a rabbit in our neighborhood, this morning. I am just happy our hound didn't see him/her. He doesn't howl unless there is a cat or rabbit in his yard or if the owl is out back in our trees.