Ring around the Rosie

Yesterday ,my daughter had a birthday party to attend. I wanted to help her creatively wrap the gift;she wanted a traditional look.. We compromised! I made these cute little pipe cleaner rose rings. I saw this on Martha Stewart's wedding show. We tied one on her friend's present and used green ribbon to attach it. It was my only personal touch.

I want to make my Mom a small spring type basket-she loves flowers. I have sent her flowers in the past, but this needs to be a hands on kit. I am including the peat pot dots ,some seeds, gloves for the bow and a rose made out of money, for take out food or another treat. Mom for years said her favorite color was brown, I use to think it was because of dirt. I asked her, is that why? "No", she said, "it is because I look good in brown." Now, it is black, this color has various meanings. I will
enclose a black rose ring. I guess they really do have black roses right?! (pics of basket tomorrow; waiting for my camera battery to charge).


chrissy said…
hi dear.
love the new look.
you.ve been busy.
your basket for your mom sounds wonderful.
my mom LOVEd gardening.
i found a little note in her journal after she passed away...a bit of advice for whoever read it..it said.
"spend some time in the garden everyday"
happy advice.
Ellie said…
Hi Chrissy,
Those little touches mean a lot, a note or a photo,a recipe, all prompt memories. We need to treasure the little things;they really do mean the most. I can't wait to hear about your ART retreat and how magically it was!

Thanks for sharing the Happy Advice and visiting me!