Gifts from the Heart

I made these cards, I thought they would go well, with the colors and sentiment of the holiday.

This pink depression ware plate was a gift from my Mom, with a set of pink champagne glasses. I had just turned twenty-one. She had a few more heirlooms to pass down. She also picked up a few odds n' ends at various flea markets. She told me to use them, not to tuck all those special things, away. Enjoy them, yes, they make break, but it is meant to be enjoyed /used. We share gifts from the heart, often. Sometimes I will mail her sprigs of rosemary, from my garden. She mailed me lilacs from Maine to Florida; the thought was there, but they were cooked when they arrived. I have received lily of the valley bulbs,an angel food cake pan, a squash from her garden, and special pins, that I wore when I was little, now vintage finds. When I think about what I have mailed people, it is really unusual, to say the least. I mailed my husband car parts, when he lived on a remote island(which later, I moved to).
I have mailed gardenia petals rolled up in fine linen napkin to give my Mom the sweet scent of the south. I have mailed Ulu knives from Alaska; One year, I mailed, volcanic ash, it is great on the garden.
When my husband has been out to sea, they were running out of coffee, I mailed coffee and tea to the ship. Then it was peanut butter, then milk...not going there, unless it is powdered.(yuck).

I still think it is wonderful and special to receive tiny gifts of sentiment, no matter what the occasion. It is great we have a holiday, like Valentine's to brighten the winter doldrums and add some color to our mood. I think we should do it at random, as well. Surprise someone you know who is going through a tough time. Most often the gift of time is the greatest gift to give, but also the best to receive!


Becky Shander said…
Flowers, pink, lace - your card elements are perfect for Valentines Day. And I agree that it's good to give (gifts or time) any time of year. Spreading happiness and cheer makes everyone feel good whether you're on the receiving or giving end.
Something that comes in the mail is such a treat, just knowing that someone took the time and effort to think of you and send it! No matter what the package is, it is so exciting to get!
tamdoll said…
"I still think it is wonderful and special to receive tiny gifts of sentiment, no matter what the occasion. "

I agree! I love getting 'snail mail' and I've been sending packages and letters to my nephews, who live far away, each month so they get in the habit, too.
Ellie said…
Thanks everyone for visiting me! So, nice to keep the tradition of gifts from the heart via wings or tires(US mail). I do love snail mail, as much as email! I love mail!
Jenny Lee said…
Lovely cards Ellie! A card like that means so much more than a storebought card. Hope your PB cookies turned out yummy! We had a nice quiet Valentines Day at home watching the Olympics! Hope you had a wonderful day today!!!
Ellie said…
We are <3ing the Olympics; It was quiet here, too. A nice family day! The cookies were fun to make and I let my daughter and her boyfriend, decorate them with red icing. They were funny. My daughter made a huge heart cookie, it fit in a pizza box, for him to take home. It was a cute day! Are you postcards
starting to arrive? Great swap!!! Hope you and yours have a great week!
Hi Ellie! Thanks for visiting my blog and I promise to post pictures of the entire project soon. The strangest thing I received in the mail was what I thought to be a box of dirt. It was actually peonie starts from my best friend's, mother's garden in Kansas! They now are living in my backyard in Oregon. I treasure them. Stop by my blog again as my next post will be a GIVEAWAY! Take care, M.