A Happy Accident

I made gumbo this week. My daughter handed me a bag of what I thought was flour, it wasn't, it was confectionery sugar.(I had dumped the bag out into a ziplock and didn't mark it, my fault). I thought the roux, turned brown to quick. I also was stunned, when I add the veggies and it turned into a peanut brittle texture. I tried, tried again, 3 times before the roux, came out right and I
continued on. My husband said, it was the best one, I've made yet. My secret, okay, not mine, Emeril says
to add 1/2 can of beer. My secret was I did add some of the sweet roux, it was a mistake, a happy accident~

I started playing with some ideas, sketching and writing, during my morning pages. I thought about how my creative juices have been simmering sooo long. I have put off my artistic urges for others and my to do list. Why? I think the voices from my past have haunted me.

I thought about the joy of creating and that has been missing for me. I feel I can't live up to my expectations. The end results is so much better in my mind's eye and I think this defeats me.
I think I will just do art for joy, play with paint, touch the vintage fabric I have acquired, grab the images I have tucked away. Jump in, just do it, lunge into the unknown. I think everyone has to find their style, your imprint, your identity.
I think sometimes we look to much at other people's work and we lose our vision. We need to write, draw, play and unleash our view.
I have posted some of my mistakes; perhaps I shouldn't of done that, but for me, I will hopefully look back and see that i have grown. I will see my accidents and be happy that I attempted to do this or that, even though I will see it differently. I can always change it....
I hope I will see more happy accidents as I learn to move forward.


Mistylynn said…
I love when you make a mistake but it turns out all okay in the end!
Ellie said…
Hi Mistylynn,
Thanks for visiting me! I know it is kind of like that grandmother wisdom, all's well that ends well. Maybe I need to google and see who
is due the credit for that one!