Hearts are everywhere....

Hearts are everywhere this month! A lot of blogs have
heARTS, tutorials, heart sharing and displays. Here are a few I have found.

My son and my Mom, found these mussel shells on the shore in Maine. They hunted for awhile to give me this rare gift. He was 4 at the time; he is 21 now. Time flies doesn't it... I remember being thrilled, i have always looked for signs in nature, especially hearts.

Chrissy of Cul*ti*vate has a 14 day Heart observation.
Some nature finds, some unique ones.

Becky Shander
, shares a cute Greencraft Valentine project!
I'm a working on mine, now...hope to post soon. I have been a bit distracted.

Rebecca Sower
is filling the world with hearts on her blog.
Her passion for aiding Haiti, is amazing. I still need to make something
for her etsy store, Haiti by Hand. My daughter's school has a project it is
called, "Helping Haiti",they are sending specific supplies. My husband's ship has been doing fundraisers and the Navy is still there. His ship is still in the yards. A lot of local churches
are also sending items.

This can't compare to any major world events, but I have struggled lately with what is going on in my back yard. I found myself calling the sheriff, today-I live in a small town. We live near swamp lands. We were told they were environmentally protected; recently we found out, the trees were sold for the wood..huh?
They were too close to my land. There had not been a representative come to the door, stating, "We will be behind your house tomorrow". They were crossing my yard; I couldn't put my dog out, because wood chips were flying everywhere. I found the layout of our land. We own 2ft into the swamp. The cutting was getting too close..so I called and it was stopped today, til the boundaries are confirmed. It makes me sad to see all these trees up rooted and all the animals that are losing their homes. Yes, today, I was a Tree hugger.

I am making a heart with a tree on it...didn't get it finished, but thought it would be appropriate.
It is shocking to go out in my backyard now. Everyone says, It will grow up fast. My husband
thinks we should fill it in with sand and pretend it is our own personal beach. This swamp is 1 mile, from the top of the street to our house. There will be a lot more trees falling. Just makes me sad...
I have many <3's; Nature is one of them!

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. - Dalai Lama


Ellen said…
those shells in the shape of a heart....divine! When we lived by a beach a few years back we stumbled across a shell that had a heart shape fossil pressed inside....a true find. Hope you have a great weekend!
Becky Shander said…
What an adorable photo of your son. The years between ages 4 and 21, I hear that they pass all too quickly. Appreciating each and every moment is so important...yet for me, difficult to sustain. I'm always working on trying to "live in the moment." This requires me to practice, practice, practice.
patty said…
So glad you are a "tree hearter", I hope you can have a resolution and keep all the trees on your land.
Very cool shells! You don't look old enough to have a 21yr old son! I'm so sorry about your trees Ellie. It's ok to be a tree hugger.

chrissy said…
i love the heart shells ellen.
i am in utah.
my father.in.laws services were today.
they were very nice.
some neat hearts have popped up around here.
wish i could blog about them, i might have to do some "make.up" heart blogging.
sorry about your trees.
i LOVE trees.
good job on your hugging them today.
keep it up.
can't wait to see your becky inspired bag.
much love,
My Grama's Soul said…
So sad about the environmental encroachment. Keep your spirits up.

Thanks for stopping by to say hi!


Hey Ellie, just wondering how you're doing, I'm seeing all these winter storm reports on the east coast. Hope you and your fam are ok. :)

Ellie said…
Ellen, how unique, a heart shape fossil, so special! Thanks Becky, yes, we do need to cherish those moments, they fly by so quickly!
Patty, i don't think I can save any more trees, other than my own, the trees are being harvested for wood...huge logging trucks in and out...thanks for you kind words! Thanks Jenny, I do still get carded for the ocassional bottle of wine, I always laugh. Chrissy, you are in my thoughts. I almost have my tree heart done, it is better in my head than the outcome so far, but it isn't finished. I will post it tomorrow. Thanks Jo, for stopping by, it doesn't hurt to try! Jenny, we missed this last storm, now another one...I feel bad for those above us. I live 13mls from the VA border. I am near Elizabeth City, NC, if you look on a map. We are about 1 hr from Norfolk.
It is rural here and we like it, but we can get to the ciy, when we want.

Thanks everyone, for your kind words! I'll be visiting you, soon!
Susan Tuttle said…
beautiful shell heart:)) i love finding hearts in nature.
Ellie said…
Thank you Susan! It is always a special moment and reminds us of how precious hearts are! They are soo many gifts in nature, one just has to look!