Mom's Next Art Kit

I made several art kits, trying to figure out which one to send my Mom.
She has been a shut in, since November. She fell and broke her right leg and heel. The seed catalogs have been arriving and I was inspired to make a flowery type kit. She has
a huge green thumb and love of nature. I am torn between which one to send her. There is a sewing kit, with felted petals for her to make into flowers. I also made a jewelry one, and a scrapbook one with a chipboard book. I am thinking of making a crochet type one. She use to crochet and sew. I am finding it hard to pick. I also am thinking of maybe submitting one of them to Somerset Life, they are always looking for art kits. I have
a few others, but these photos came out best. Funny, the orange one has a lot of yellow in it, that isn't showing up. I am also making these cute recycled birds that I may submit to Green Craft Magazine, which comes out today! I love all their magazines, but these two, speak to the yin and yang of my tastes. I love the beauty and elegance of Somerset Life and the practical, recycled eco friendly style of Green Craft Magazine. There is something for everyone, you should check it out.


Becky Shander said…
Definitely send your stuff to the magazines. Your kits look terrific and your Mom should be very happy to see how much care you put into gathering all the pieces together for her.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky, I have a few more things to make. I really wanted to make a paper heart today, but so much going on. Hubby and daughter are home, our son had classes later in the day at college. His morning classes were canceled. The weather is crazy; they are talking about another system on Friday...mixed precip.
We did a lot of early spring cleaning. We went through closets, getting rid
of clothing that doesn't fit or we don't like.
We have a huge bag ready to go to the thrift shop. I have a pile of stuff, I couldn't part with. I need to cut buttons off, lace trim, etc. I tend to do that, save them to craft with. Big Don(he is almost 6'4, i'm 5'1) rewired and worked on some of his wood projects. It was a productive day with
a movie planned for this evening, as our reward. I can't figure out what day it is?!
Feels like another Sunday...
Thanks Becky! I will try to make the paper heart tomorrow, wanted to include it in my Mom's Valentine package. Feels good to purge a bit.
Andrea Saujani said…
What a lovely idea to make kits for your mom, I'm sure that she would appreciate any one of them. They look lovely!