Trees to be continued

Well, I guess I need to make another tree, one that goes with my Feb. 8th post. The one I made was from being inspired, by
Becky Shander's recycled heart tote in Green Craft Magazine.
I have been dealing with trees cut near our property, so I thought, I'd do a tree heart. Well, while making it, I thought about my life, as a military spouse. I have moved, a lot. Then when I thought about my roots, I started to remember the trees in my yard, at my childhood home. I was 5yrs old when I moved in and stayed til I was twenty-three. My description of my
childhood memories of the trees that gave so much, doesn't fit my tree heart. So, at some point I will try to
do a tree, that reflects, my childhood tree memories.
I am not saying when, but some day there will be a
"Trees to be continued post." Or, perhaps I should say:
T-try, try again
R-reach for more, strive for better
E-Ella's(my real name is Ellen)
E-Edge(my style, which I am trying to find)