After the Shower

We are promised to see the sun today; it just slowly peeked out and pulled away.  Dark gray gloom is
back....    The rain is suppose to stop; it really effects my mood, I feel droopy like a wilted bloom.   I have so much to do, want to do and need to do....funny, I put want before need...

I am sifting through books, some to go to the Recycled Reader shop, others put on shelf, some pack away.
I found a poetry book, by Mary H. Oliver.  I love the way she paints nature with her words.   Here is one
of my Wall Calendar pages, just a beginning...

                                    AFTER THE SHOWER

The sound of rain upon the roof was not unwelcome sound; softly it fell, and soon the call from
one bird to another rose above the even patter of the rain.  The birds were glad!  And what of
ferns and small wild flowers that grew close by our little house?

After the shower had passed, we took the trail down through the woods, and found a fairy-land;
bright silver beads hung gracefully on each blueberry bush; and raindrops, caught in cup shaped
flowers now shone like diamonds when a ray of sunlight touched the flowers; and two small trees
looked like a pair of silver candlesticks.
The rain had silvered all the ferns and hung like strings of pearls upon the blue-eyed flowers.

And while I looked on all of this, my heart was glad-for always this will stay with me-the magic
of raindrops in the sun!  ~Mary H. Oliver

  I wanted to make a necklace with a floral touch, so took apart some silk flowers n' sewed  them on a chain
with pearls for the stamens. .

I am spring inspired; Are you?


Becky Shander said…
What a pretty calendar page. I have a soft spot for birds too. They're always "springing" up in my projects.
Ellie said…
Hi Becky,
I love birds, too. I think I have been bird like for years, all this traveling around finding a new nest. I love the piece you did
with the word "soar"! Birds are great metaphors for so many feelings. Love your play
on words!
My work was mostly birds a couple of years ago, then they were everywhere....but by then I was birded out!

Ellie said…
Hi Colette,

Funny how we go through cycles, isn't it...
For me, I am doing this journal and I noticed it started to reflect the seasons, wasn't planning this, but it seems that is how it is flowing. I figured why not and so far, having a lot of fun!
I love your hearts, they are really beautiful!
chrissy said…
i too love birds...i will NEVER get sick of them. been looking at them for 41 years now and each time i.m still excited and in awe.
cute necklace...i want to see a picture of it on beautiful YOU!
loves dear.
How cool, you sewed the flowers to the chain? Good idea.
Ellie said…
Thanks Ladies, perhaps later on I will wear it and get my daughter to take a pic.
Beautiful words and pictures Ellie, I love the calendar and the necklace! I recently got the cutest little bird necklace on etsy, I guess there's a lot of bird girls out there. :)
ps: can't wait to see a lovely pic of you in your fabulous necklace!♥