Everything is popping up around here, lots of green shoots, blooms and peeps.  We have had fun decorating with baby peeps.    They are just so reflective of the holiday a fresh start, a rebirth.

When you think of peeps, you think of your peers, your friends, those you flock to.  Your group of chicks, your life long friends, your co workers, your neighbors, people that are part of your everyday world.

I have to say, the peeps I have found in Blogland are the best, encouraging, creative and inspirational.  My peeps/peers in my everyday life, don't understand the need, the craving to create.   Some do in other forms, but don't view it the same as people who truly understand that art is a calling, a need, something you must do to cope.    

Thank you to peeps, for sharing your souls and peering out and exposing your feelings and your view of the world.  Thanks for visiting my world.

"We do not make friends as we make houses, but discover them as we do the arbutus, under the leaves of our lives, concealed in our experience~ William Rader 


I'm thankful for you Ellie and glad to you call one of my "peeps". :)