Art Date

Well, I needed an art date, the past couple of days have been full n' busy.  I had to clean up my artsy mess
due to hubby's birthday.  I haven't gotten back to my projects, between my daughter, my son and my appointments.   What better time for an Art Date, my morning pages have suffered a bit, with all the roofing work.  The roof is done, but the gutters haven't been cleaned.   So, I thought I'd go do some errands and find my way to my spot and go down town and take some pics. 

This is my sacred spot, I don't get there, as often as I would like.  

My art date didn't work out as planned, but it did end up a date.
 I was at the top of the road to pull out, when  I see my husband in our Honda.   He pulls up to me and wanted to know where I was headed.  I told him the nature trail and then a few errands.  He said he wanted to go and I turned around.
He changed and away we went; He walked the trail with me and then we went to our fav sandwich shop and had Dagwoods and iced tea.   Then went to Lowes; he wanted to look around and we ended up buying seeds, cedar pots and fruit bearing plants.   He wants to try to grow grapes; we have a spot, that should work, It will be fun to see  if they will grow.    So, even though I didn't have an art date; I had a great time with my hubby, not planned, aren't those the best.  No expectations, no plans, just at random.

Here you can go and sit over the water and draw, read and enjoy the one was there today!(except us)

I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but I'll be back next week...

It will be prettier when things sprout a bit more.   I guess we weren't alone, after all...


chrissy said…
this is a beeeutiful place ellie...
how wonderful to have you and hubby and mr. turtle enjoying at on your own!
i hope you are feeling well my friend.
my back was being naughty this morning and i thought of you.
you have ANOTHER birthday in your home?
sheez girl.
you never stop.
love you.
happy weekend.
Ellie said…
Hi Chrissy,
Sorry to hear your back is bothering you; I need to go to Dr, just not looking forward to it. I am dismissed, since I have had back surgery. What do you expect, type of convo.
I know the difference, I had 3 great years, something has changed and sciatica is not normal.

Birthday celebrations will take a break, til May...
I will stop partying for a bit ;-D
Happy Weekend to you~
(((careful hugs)))
Ludid said…
perfect date! what a peaceful place you have there. have a great weekend.
Ellie said…
Hi Ludid, it is a great borrowed spot, when the weather permits; I would of loved to have stayed longer and sketched. I think quiet time is important, when you are creative. I think most of us, have a lot on our mind and need our outlet to be calm and so we can refocus. It is a retreat for my scatterbrained mind~ Thanks
for stopping by!