Be Inspired

Jenny Doh has taken on a new endeavor. Her passion for the arts, her work as former editor-in-chief for many www.stampington publications, and her background as a social worker have lead her to launch an online media center business. When you check out her blog you'll see how the name Crescendoh came to be. Art Saves is the message she wants to share!
Her project can link all of us; it will provide passion, community and compassion. Check it out; you will be inspired!


chrissy said…
i saw this WONDERFUL.
dear kelly rae has a few words to speak on there as well.
thanks ellen.
Ellie said…
I know, the medicine part, was really interesting to me! It is all so inspiring!

I wish I could of gone to that art retreat with you; looks like you had a wonderful time and made some wonderful new friends!