Creative Angels

Do you have a muse or signs that are so profound, your intuition guides you in that direction?!
I think it of as a tool, an inner ear, to listen to our soul. direct us.  It is hard to put ourselves out there;
I have fallen lately, didn't achieve what I had attempted.  I'll admit, it was my fault, but there were
outside factors involved, that seemed to scream, "Now, isn't the time, be patient and continue on".
 My fall hurt, but I think I needed it, to push away all the directions I was going, to regroup and focus
on trying something new.   I am enjoying the new path, and I have to say it found me, I wasn't looking for it, but I was open to the signs, the bells and whistles, that led me there.   There were too many signs, not to listen.   It was bigger than me, I would have to say there were 7 signs   I know angels, heaven the number 7.

I think most of us, have a hidden dream, something we tucked away, didn't accomplish, but even though it
might not come true, you can still  have a piece of the angel food cake.  You can take a water color class, you can sign up to dance, write, whatever it is you desire to try.
   Sometimes just filling a piece of that void, is enough to help you remember how much joy your creativity gave you.  Listening to your soul, your angel, your guide and/or muse could bring you a gift or expose a new talent.  You never know, how it may all turn out...start listening!