Drink me arrived via Mail

My daughter's Alice In Wonderland Tag Book arrived; isn't it pretty!  Karla Nathan did a wonderful job, putting them together, her tag is the first one, with the little door, Alice is holding a real key, she drew Alice.
In the  top left..okay middle, there is a little bottle she sent with Drink Me on it, filled with red glitter, so cute!
She is very talented; Thanks Karla~

I am going to enlarge my  tags and make a box to put everything in.  My daughter found a wooden key hole and a time piece she wants to add to the theme.   So much amazing talent; it was a fun swap!   I just wish I had made 6 more tags and received my own book, lol!     I  will know better, next time!

I had participated in one other event Karla organized; her Aunt Carolina, turned 100, I sent a homemade card, this was a few years ago.

(The rabbit on one side and back is the Cheshire cat in the tree) is done by Robin

(The blue ruffled Alice is unknown, very cute tiny mushroom accent w/flowers, the back is a floral Cheshire cat

(The blue n' white Alice tag is done by

(sepia tone floral and button flowers is by Amy)

(Queen tag is by Marianne)

                                                 (King back side of Queen tag by Marianne)                  
(Alice drink me floral tag, unknown)

(rabbit is back of Drink me Alice, unknown)

Thank you, Ladies for all the beautiful tags and wonderful book!

Now, on to finishing my calendar book, another art class and working on a May basket swap.

The roof isn't finished, they will be back tomorrow early to finish it up; one more day of bam,  pound and slam.   It feels like I'm in Bedrock.

Happy Friday~


Wasn't it a fun swap! You should add some of your own tags to the book! I added extra to my own book.
PS- those 100 cards for my aunt meant so much to her. They were one of the few things that she took with her to the nursing home! She loved to look at them over and over and show them to all of her friends there.
Ellie said…
Hi Karla,
I am so happy that your Aunt Carolina enjoyed them; It was truly a special event! She was
gorgeous when she was young! She had a kind spirit; you could just tell!

I am going to take my tags and enlarge them and make a box; my daughter wants to add a watch piece and a few other finds. It will be a sweet memento of her birthday! Thanks Karla~