Got Art?

My daughter is home from school today; she has a stomach virus.   She just finished reading the book,"Speak".
I found it was made into a movie and had put it in the top of my queue on Netflix.  It arrived today; so
she watched it.  I attempted to watch it.   It was so sad...I found it interesting, that art helped her work through her fear and speak again.  The main character, Melinda, had a kind art teacher, that helped her
 use art to express herself.   I recently submitted my story at Crescendoh, the Readers Share section.
  Today my story was chosen; Thanks Jenny!  Funny, I also received my package from them today; I ordered some stamps.

 Art can't cure me, but it has saved me from a downward spiral of darkness. It can help you to express
your emotions, things you find hard to share or speak about.  Art can be many things, your grandmother's hands, a smile, a kind word, a meal, a warm embrace, the curve of an arch, the fence gate, a word of compassion, flowers, a story or poem, dancing, music, the smile on your child's face and much, much more.

Art at times can be a gift or a curse.  You sacrifice, follow your dreams, dying for your art, then there is the starving artist persona.  There are actors who suffered for their art and musicians, who can't get a gig, writers
getting the dreaded rejection slip.  I have heard persistence is key.

Art evokes many emotions, good and bad.  Frustration is part of it; I think I have the flu;  I have attempted to get my etsy store up and isn't happening, yet.  A lot of interruptions;I don't have my own space, at this time.  I won't quit I will continue, press on.

  Don't give up on your dreams, find or make a new path, because if you find joy in whatever you
choose to do... then it isn't wrong to continue.  There are always obstacles, just fight and climb over them, one at a time.


Jenny Lee said…
Here's hoping you and I will have our own creative space sooner rather than later. Lovely post Ellie and so cool that your story was published on crescendoh. I signed up for the suzi blu class tonight! I'm really excited. Hope your daughter feels better soon and don't you go getting sick. Just tell yourself that you're not sick, sometimes that works for me. Have a great night!

Becky Shander said…
I just read your story over at Crescendoh. What a tough time it must've been for you in Alaska, but I'm glad to see that despite this, you've landed in a good spot. A place where there's family and art...what could be better?

The photo of you is very lovely. Great smile, great energy!
Ellie said…
Hi Jenny Lee, yes one's own space will make all the difference for both of us. If i have to count how many times last month I had to pick up because so n' so is coming over or etc. Augh! It is odd I use to feel I couldn't leave my stuff out, when my kids were little. I still have issues with it.

Congrats, on signing up for the class;I hope you enjoy it! I didn't get sick. Thanks for the good well wishes.

Thanks Becky, yes I'm very fortunate, most people don't survive.

Thanks, it was an interesting photo shoot. My family tried to pretend I was a model..look here, no chin up...stuff. There was laughter and tears.
Good for you, Ellen, you lovely person you! I read your story. It was very touching.

Ellie said…
Thank you Colette, I hope your life is returning back to normal!
I had to go and read your story, its very moving! I can see why it was chosen for the site. Art can help with the darkness, can't it?

Thanks so much for joining our swap, its good to know that your tag book is going to your birthday girl.

Thanks for including the thoughtful gifts too!

Ellie said…
Hi Karla,
Thank you; Art sure does help, it releases all that pent up fear, pain, and anger.

I am thrilled you did the swap; I know she will love it. You had a great turn out and so much talent. I love seeing the tags on Flickr. You are welcome; Thanks for doing this amazing Tag swap book!